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Practice/Industry Group Overview

The GrayRobinson Technology Team is a group of lawyers in our firm who possess a broad range of special skills needed by rapidly growing technology companies. Bill Grimm, well known throughout Central Florida for his experience in serving as general counsel to many high technology companies, is the Chair of the team. Many of the attorneys on the Technology Team have extensive backgrounds in business and as systems engineers, electrical engineers, nuclear engineers, microbiologists, and consultants, and therefore are extremely capable of providing today's technology companies with the type of legal services that include a broad-based understanding of their special needs.

Commitment to Service

We formed the GrayRobinson Technology Team in 2000 to serve the growing needs of our current technology company clients as well as qualified new clients. Technology companies need our help when raising initial capital, again when raising venture capital and, most importantly, during the IPO process. These companies also need quick turnaround on most legal matters as well as the application of the combined experience of a number of lawyers. In short, this team can provide one-stop legal services to technology companies. For each client, a partner is in charge of coordinating the efforts of those members of the team needed for each project.

Understanding Your Business

One of the major objectives of the GrayRobinson Technology Team is for the members of the team to gain a greater understanding of the business of each of our technology company clients. Having a good understanding of our clients' businesses is extremely important when providing legal services. This understanding allows us to view our legal services in the business context faced by each client. Our experience shows that having a good knowledge of our client's business allows us to focus on the business objectives to be achieved by our legal services on any given project. GrayRobinson's team of skilled attorneys possesses a broad range of experiences across industries that few Florida law firms can offer.

Keeping Up With the Times

We have periodic seminars for our technology company clients on important business and legal topics that are unique to technology companies. We also publish on our Web site articles of interest to technology companies under the caption, "News and Events."