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We are engaged in a comprehensive real estate practice representing a wide array of clients.  Our attorneys counsel buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, and borrowers and lenders in all categories of real estate transactions, and builders and developers of all kinds, including builders of single family homes and developers of shopping centers, hotels and office buildings.

We are involved in every phase of the process from land acquisition through construction financing, lease-up and permanent financing.  Following project completion, we assist in the leasing and management of the property by drafting and negotiating leases and dealing with problem tenants. We also regularly handle refinancings and negotiate workouts on behalf of borrowers and lenders.

We also represents contractors and subcontractors seeking payment for their work through materialmen’s liens, public works liens, bond claims, and subsequent litigation.

Among the transactions we recently have handled are:

  • Construction and financing of shopping centers in Ohio, Illinois and Virginia
  • Construction and financing of apartment and mixed-use developments in Florida, Ohio, Arizona and Virginia
  • Construction and financing of condominium developments in Ohio, Georgia and Arizona
  • Acquisition and financing for over 150 single tenant retail and commercial sites in 17 states
  • Counsel to borrower in a $19 million securitized mortgage-backed refinancing transaction of a multi-tenant major retail shopping center
  • Representation of a developer in the re-development of multi-vacant properties in major metropolitan business districts, which involved bonds, state-funded loans for vacant property initiative, historic tax credits (state and federal), TIF, recovery zone bonds and new market tax credits
  • Representation of medical professionals in a note participation financing transaction providing unsecured capital to facilitate the refinancing of a medical building
  • Acquisition of hundreds of sites for one of the largest home builders in the U.S.
  • Representation of buyer in connection with securitized mortgaged-backed transaction with value of $5.9 million
  • Representation of multiple borrowers in connection with securitized mortgaged-backed transaction with respect to issuance of non-consolidation of legal opinions and related structuring of special purpose entities (SPEs) in order to comply with rating agency requirements
  • Counsel to senior lender in stand-by bond purchase agreement and related unsecured revolving credit facility to finance private higher education facility
  • Representation of real property owners and lenders in connection with loan workouts, forbearance agreements, note purchase transactions, short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure with respect to various types of real estate transactions
  • Representation of major local developer with the reorganization of its capital structure, including approximately 50 properties valued in excess of $220 million, in connection with the resolution of various partnership disputes
  • Representation of developer in the acquisition of an 11 shopping center portfolio valued at $200 million, in connection with the settlement of litigation
  • Representation of hotel developer in refinancing 3 hotels with aggregate loan values in excess of $50 million
  • Representation of fast food franchise operator in leasing and purchase of 30 properties throughout Ohio and Florida
  • Representation of manufacturing client in restructuring its real estate portfolio through sale/leaseback transactions
  • Representation of non-profit client seeking historic tax credit approval for building renovations valued at $2 million
  • Representation of the developer of a 650,000 square-foot office complex in downtown Cleveland, including negotiating joint venture agreements, construction and permanent financing and negotiating and drafting leases with sophisticated national tenants
  • Representation of a multi-location Cleveland automobile dealer in the sale of dealership real estate to a national real estate investment trust
  • Selling and leasing of an 800,000 square-foot warehouse complex
  • Developing, acquiring, selling and financing several major hotel properties located throughout the eastern United States
  • Negotiating and drafting anchor, “big box,” in-line and outparcel leases on behalf of both landlords and tenants in shopping centers throughout the United States
  • Representation of a local developer in site acquisition, leasing, construction and financing of multiple store locations for a major national drugstore chain
  • Representation of a large local hospital on the construction of a new Emergency Room and Patient Tower
  • Representation of Fortune 200 insurance company on the acquisition and development of hundreds of sites in multiple states
  • Representation of City of Cleveland in the sale of the Cleveland Convention Center to Cuyahoga County, including the negotiation of related agreements to address reciprocal easements, joint operation of the Convention Center and Public Auditorium, pedestrian access to the Cleveland Browns Stadium and the turnover of the Malls back to City control. [During KJK’s representation of the City it was actively involved in making presentations regarding the transactions to Cleveland City Council, reviewing legislation and working with surveyors on new legal descriptions that would enable the transfer of convention facilities located underneath a dedicated public street and the transfer back to the City of the public parks that sit atop the convention center’s roof.]
  • Representation of real estate investor in the simultaneous acquisition of more than 8 properties located in 2 states, including negotiation of CMBS mortgage financing, coordination with local and DE counsels and preparation of special Ohio and nonconsolidation opinion letters.
  • Handled all aspects of the development of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, including State, County and Federal legislation,  County and Port Authority Bond financing, ground leasing and submerged land leasing, Corps of Engineers and FAA permitting, and architects and construction contracts.

The Real Estate Practice Group recently launched the Ohio Real Estate Blog, where they regularly blog on Ohio real estate issues.  The blog is located at

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

Pay your Taxes before your Lender Redeems your Property
Stephen D. Richman, September 10, 2014
A mortgage holder has the right to redeem (take back) real property that is the subject of a real estate tax foreclosure when the owner does not pay taxes on the land, according to the recent decision of the Ohio Supreme Court in In re Foreclosure of Liens for Delinquent Land Taxes v. Parcels of...

Is it a Covenant, a Condition or a Covenant and a Condition?-Why you need to Care.
Stephen D. Richman, August 27, 2014
Real estate purchase and sale agreements typically contain covenants and conditions. They both start with “c” and are typically found in real estate agreements, but that is where the similarities end. A covenant is an agreement or promise to do or refrain from doing something. A...

Pay Your Lawyer Now, or Pay Your Lawyer (a lot more) Later (to review a residential real estate contract)
, August 12, 2014
Have you heard this one? A man/woman walks into a lawyer’s office (of, course, after he/she signs a contract and closes on a deal) and asks, “Can you help me?”

Due Diligence Review: A Critical Step When Buying Real Property
, July 29, 2014
It astonishes me how many buyers will buy real property without conducting a thorough review of the property before closing. Most buyers will ensure a title search is ordered and buy title insurance. If a recent survey or phase I environmental review has been conducted, the buyer will typically ask...

Owning Real Property as Tenants in Common
, July 16, 2014
Owners of commercial property have increasing found benefit in owning their separate interests in the property as “tenants in common.” Typically, if two or more parties wanted to jointly own a commercial property, the typical approach would be to form a limited liability company (LLC)...

When Entering Into Litigation Affecting Real Property, Done Limit Your Options
, July 07, 2014
A case decided in July last year, 2115-2121 Ontario Bldg., L.L.C. v. Anter, 2013 Ohio 2995 (8th Dist. Ct. of App., Cuyahoga Cty.) illustrates perfectly the need to not limit your options when initiating litigation, and the need to remain consistent with the path you do elect to follow.

Ohio’s Vacant (Dinosaur) Buildings are not Extinct-Incentives Available to Create Jurassic Building Parks
, June 18, 2014
When I think of old, vacant industrial buildings, I see opportunities vs. eyesores. Brick and block is a far better insulator than thin-skinned metal siding, and certainly adds character to the exterior appearance as well. Often, floors are 6’’ level concrete, spans (between columns)...

Selling Commercial Real Property “AS-IS” Is Not a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card
, June 18, 2014
It’s not uncommon for property owners today to want to sell their real property ‘as-is” and not remain on the hook for problems that arise later. However, there are limits to what an “as-is” clause covers.

Warehouse Mortgage Lending: Pros and Cons
, June 05, 2014
When the average person hears the term “warehouse mortgage lending,” he or she is likely to think it is a mortgage loan on a warehouse building. Warehouse mortgage lending actually refers to a specialized line of credit that certain larger banks and institutional lenders provide to...

Recent Court Decisions Affecting Ohio Real Property Tax Appraisals
, May 21, 2014
The Ohio Supreme Court has issued a couple of decisions in recent weeks that affect how reappraisals of property are handled.

Those Who “Host” Lose the Most-A Primer on Social Host-Premises Liability in Ohio
Jonathan T. Hyman, May 13, 2014
Spring has finally sprung, Ohio snow is gone and success and pride is in the air as graduation season is upon us. Unfortunately, the smell of alcohol, death and destruction is also upon us as inevitably, social hosts will serve “minors” (persons under 18 years of age) and...

Positioning Commercial Property for Sale or Refinancing
Connie S. Carr, May 06, 2014
While networking at various events, I meet a lot of real estate agents. Every one of them tells me that home inventory is low and homes are flying off the market. Some have also told me that the home is often sold before an open house can be scheduled. That is good news for Northern Ohio homeowners.

Closing Protection Coverage-A Somewhat Distasteful but Advised Insurance Product
Connie S. Carr,Stephen D. Richman, April 30, 2014
I sometimes wonder, how much wealthier I would be if I never paid for title insurance, homeowner’s insurance, commercial property insurance... In the last 25 years or so, my house has never gone up in flames, no neighbor ever came by and said they own half my property, and when I owned rental...

CMBS Litigation: The Guarantor Actually Wins One
, April 22, 2014
On April 7, 2014, the US District Court in the Southern District of New York granted summary judgment in favor of the Guarantor in CP III Rincon Towers, Inc. (Plaintiff) v. Richard Cohen (Defendant) (No. 10 Civ. 4638 (DAB). The substance of the court action revolved around a CMBS mortgage loan on...

How the Right App Can Save the Day
, April 08, 2014
This post is a little off topic for our blog but I wanted to share how one of the apps that I wrote about in January saved the day in a transaction closing. Recently, I attended a closing for a combined asset/commercial real estate transaction. In all acquisitions, whether a business or commercial...

Don’t Let Your Contract Disappear (Merge) Into Your Deed
, April 01, 2014
Other than the real estate purchase and sale agreement, the deed is the most important and often misunderstood document utilized in a real estate transaction. Like a certificate of title for an automobile, the deed is the document that actually transfers the title of real estate from one to...