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"Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple."1

Invention does require more than just genius and perspiration. For successful companies, invention also requires a business partner who understands how to protect your creative genius and help you profit from it. Our patent attorneys help clients to protect their technological investments and maximize their financial return.


Services Available

Patent Litigation

Loeb & Loeb LLP is nationally recognized for its excellence in the intellectual property arena. Loeb's patent litigation practice is no exception.

Loeb's patent litigators in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago represent clients from around the world in all manner of patent disputes. As lead trial counsel, we have litigated patents in every technology field, including computer software, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, military technology, consumer products, mechanical devices, electronics and optics. Loeb's patent litigators have represented clients of all sizes, from emerging start-up companies to Fortune 100 companies.

As lead trial counsel, Loeb's patent litigators routinely represent clients in US District Courts across the country; in the US International Trade Commission; in the US Court of Federal Claims; in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit; and in arbitration or in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings. Loeb's attorneys also counsel clients on litigation avoidance and frequently resolve threatened litigation without suit. In connection with patent litigation, Loeb's patent attorneys represent clients in specialized proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including reexamination, reissue and interference proceedings.

Patent Prosecution

Loeb's technically diverse patent attorneys are experienced in patent prosecution and strategic counseling. Loeb's patent attorneys have prepared and prosecuted patent applications in technology fields as diverse as military technology, such as satellites and radar systems to consumer products including kitchen appliances and personal care items to electronics and medical devices. Loeb's patent attorneys not only prosecute patent applications before the USPTO, but also represent clients in reexamination, reissue and interference proceedings.

Strategic Counseling

Our clients frequently turn to Loeb's patent attorneys for advice and counseling on difficult patent issues. Loeb's attorneys offer advice on litigation avoidance, provide opinions on patentability of inventions, conduct prior art searches, provide "freedom to operate" opinions, and opinions on patent infringement, invalidity and enforceability. Loeb also works with clients to establish in-house patent programs and policies. The strength of Loeb's patent attorneys lies in their ability to counsel clients on highly complex patent and technology issues in a clear and understandable way.

Patent Portfolio Management

Loeb's portfolio management services include patent enforcement and licensing, patent review and analysis, corporate due diligence and strategic development of patent portfolios.

Service Approach

Our patent attorneys' invention-to-litigation depth provides Loeb clients with resources unmatched by most firms. Communication and creativity are the hallmarks of our patent practice. Our patent attorneys are recognized for innovative, multi-dimensional solutions that take into account our clients' business goals.

The litigation experience of our patent attorneys allows them to identify new trends in patent law and prosecute patents so as to maximize their strength and avoid judicial invalidation. Our patent litigation experience adds an important practical component to our prosecution work and similarly, our prosecution experience provides invaluable insights during the litigation process.
Our expertise extends well beyond patents, to the fields of trade secrets, antitrust, government contracts, bankruptcy and many other fields. Such broad experience allows our attorneys to add value in antitrust litigation, government-related patent litigation, bankruptcy proceedings and insurance matters where patent issues arise.

The insight and experience of our patent litigation practice is enhanced by representing clients on other patent related matters, including patent licensing, opinion work, infringement risk analysis and corporate due diligence.

From a business perspective, the greatest litigation victory is winning the case without going through the expense, time and emotional toll of a trial. But when trial is necessary, Loeb & Loeb offers clients experienced trial lawyers who understand how to communicate complex technology and difficult patent concepts to the jury in a simple manner. Important to cost conscious clients, Loeb staffs its trial teams in a manner designed to win the case efficiently.

Loeb's attorneys have served as lead trial counsel in more than 100 patent, trade secret and other technology-related litigations.

Clients and Industries

Loeb's attorneys represent clients in a variety of industries, including: aerospace, computer hardware and systems, consumer products, cosmetics, e-commerce, medical devices, optics, packaging, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, telecommunications and toys.

We also have had significant involvement in technology issues surrounding venture capital and emerging growth companies as well as companies in the Israeli market.

Our patent litigators have represented Fortune 100 companies, multinational corporations, technology start-ups, and businesses of every size in cases involving the following technologies:

  • Computer software
  • Internet business methods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solid state lasers
  • Semiconductors
      • Chip design
      • Fabrication
      • Memory circuits
      • Processors
      • Display controllers
  • Military technology
      • Bomb-proof shelters
      • Satellites
      • Marine radar systems
      • Missile guidance systems
  • Mechanical devices
      • Door closers
      • Flange connectors
      • Ink jet cartridges
      • Manufacturing control

Practice Contacts

Mark E. Waddell

Edward H. Rice

Laura A. Wytsma

  • Medical laser devices
  • Chemical
      • Printer cartridge ink
      • Paper manufacturing
  • Consumer products
      • Kitchen appliances
      • Personal care items
      • Fabrics
  • Electronics
      • Electronic toys
      • Electrical switches
      • Lighting systems
      • Cable set top boxes
      • RF technology
      • LEDs
      • Xenox flash lamps
      • Cellular telephony
      • DVD players
      • Circuit breakers
  • Optical technology
  • Fiber optics



1 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971 version) (alluding to Thomas Edison's famous 1903 quote "Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration.")