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We help a wide variety of lending institutions. National banks, state banks, credit unions, savings and loans as well as specialty lenders and insurance lenders turn to us when they face claims from borrowers.

Our team has represented lenders in a wide variety of cases, including some in which plaintiffs have advanced unusual and creative theories of liability. These include:

  • A lender sued for more than $30 million when a time share developer sought damages after the development failed
  • Two insurance companies sued in federal court by a developer who claimed the administration of the loan ruined a business opportunity involving what, at the time, would have been South Carolina’s largest mall
  • A state chartered bank accused of enabling a trustee to make poor investments by making loans, therefore enabling fraud and other improper conduct by the trustee
  • A lender, foreclosing on a borrower in a bankruptcy case, who faced claims that it illegally induced the borrower to invest in a hotel property
  • Automobile financing lenders who faced lawsuits from hundreds of car buyers claiming an auto dealership defrauded them into buying cars

From nuisance cases to major business threats

Nexsen Pruet lawyers defend large and small lenders throughout the Carolinas from claims that lender misconduct led to borrower losses. These cases range from single loans to purchase property to major projects and businesses. The claims also include creative theories being developed by borrower plaintiffs as business ventures fail.

We can form the right team for the size and complexity of your case and use our experience and contract partners to make lengthy and difficult discovery, including electronic discovery, cost effective and manageable.

Whether the claim involves a single car loan, hundreds of consumer loans, or a complex leveraged participant loan to a real estate syndicate, Nexsen Pruet will bring together the legal team with the right experience to help your lending institution.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

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