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Sullivan & Cromwell’s Structured Finance Group specializes in crafting creative securitization and other financing structures. The Firm has played a leading role in structuring groundbreaking transactions in a wide range of asset classes. Our broad expertise in securities, banking, tax and bankruptcy law enables the Structured Finance Group to apply a multidisciplinary approach to structured finance transactions. We believe that this multidisciplinary approach will become increasingly important in the coming years in view of the increased sophistication and complexity of many securitization transactions. Further, our broad-based global practice (including long-standing relationships with leading law firms throughout the world) makes the Structured Finance Group uniquely qualified to provide legal advice on cross-border securitization transactions.

Sullivan & Cromwell is involved in a wide range of transactions involving securitization and repackaging of financial assets, including:

  • commercial loans
  • limited recourse loans
  • derivatives exposure
  • bonds and corporate debt (including multijurisdictional transactions)
  • project cash flows
  • credit card and trade receivables
  • commercial real estate
  • commercial and residential mortgages
  • life insurance and annuities
  • auto and truck loans

The Structured Finance Group also focuses on transfers of some or all of the risks of assets through a range of techniques, including:

  • synthetic securitizations
  • credit, equity and other derivatives
  • participation arrangements
  • insurance contracts

The expertise of lawyers throughout the Firm is brought to bear on the issues raised by complex structured finance transactions, including:

  • banking issues
  • real estate issues
  • securities law issues (including investment companies)
  • derivatives issues and practice
  • UCC and other commercial law issues
  • tax issues
  • commodities issues
  • insolvency issues
  • project financing issues
  • corporate issues