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HTMLIowa Supreme Court Rules for Contractors in Homeowners Association Dispute with Subcontractors
Jeffrey D. Stone; Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C.;
Legal Alert/Article
April 15, 2014, previously published on April 14, 2014
The construction industry can claim another victory in its ongoing effort to avoid claims by homeowners who sue companies with whom they had no contractual relationship. The Court ruled in favor of the contractors under an established doctrine of law that businesses in Iowa have relied on for over...


Adobe PDFCompetition Update
Rebecca Owen-Howes, Sam Szlezinger; Dentons Canada LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 11, 2014, previously published on April 7, 2014
Firms active in the construction materials sector have been in the competition law spotlight for the past few years and will continue to be so. This watching brief summarises recent action taken by the competition authorities in the UK and EU and highlights some of the developments due to take...


HTMLCompelling Contract Payments from a Public Entity: What Happens When It Spends Your Money Elsewhere?
Jacob E. Roussel; Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, L.L.P.;
Legal Alert/Article
April 11, 2014, previously published on April 1, 2014
All too often contractors encounter disputes with public owners regarding the release of progress payments and final payments. But what happens when it is determined that payment is due to the contractor and the owner replies “too bad” or “we already spent our budgeted money...


HTMLAnticipated Legislation to Affect Construction in Colorado
Lisa Bondy Dunn, Michael J. Knauf; Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 10, 2014, previously published on April 7, 2014
In response to Colorado’s lack of new owner-occupied, multi-family housing (i.e. condominiums) being built, it appears legislation will be introduced that, if passed into law, may affect not only how condominiums are developed, but may affect the entire landscape of construction defect...


HTMLLong Term Express Warranties
Jonathan Massell; Nexsen Pruet LLC;
Legal Alert/Article
April 8, 2014, previously published on April 1, 2014
A recent holding by the North Carolina Court of Appeals is threatening to render many long-term express warranties ineffective. In a divided opinion in Christie v. Hartley Construction, Inc., the court held that the six-year North Carolina statue of repose for improvements to real property trumps...


Adobe PDFYour Venue, My Bond Claim: A Florida Law Primer
Peter C. Vilmos; Burr & Forman LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 8, 2014, previously published on April 3, 2014
Construction clients very often perform work in places far from either the corporate office, or far from the construction client's local office. Our clients even perform work - dare we admit - far from their attorney's office. At the same time, many construction clients want both consistency in...


Adobe PDFThe Condominium Form of Ownership
Melinda Eubanks Sellers; Burr & Forman LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 8, 2014, previously published on April 7, 2014
In Alabama, contractors and subcontractors performing work involving common elements of the condominium at the request and direction of a condominium association should be aware of unique laws applicable to their lien rights and the rights and remedies available to the unit owners in the...


HTMLConstruction Contractors Subject To New OFCCP Rules
Fisher Phillips LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 2, 2014, previously published on March 31, 2014
Because of a recent court decision, federal construction contractors must comply with several new regulations that many consider burdensome. An effort to exempt construction contractors from some of the new regulations was tossed out by a federal judge. Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. v....


HTMLHow to Pursue Out-of-State Judgments
Joseph J. Dinardo; Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 1, 2014, previously published on March 24, 2014
Periodically, we receive calls from contractors and suppliers who have obtained judgments against debtors in other states only to find out that the debtors have relocated to, set-up shop, or have assets in Georgia. These “judgment creditors” want to know if there is anything that can be...


HTMLFee Allocation in the Schedule of Values
Harry Rippeon; Smith Currie Hancock LLP;
Legal Alert/Article
April 1, 2014, previously published on March 24, 2014
When contractors prepare their budget for a project, they often allocate costs among various line items. This allocation typically takes the form of a schedule of values (“SOV”), which is often presented to the owner (or general contractor, in the case of a subcontractor) for approval...


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